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Jan 29, 2013 9:30pm PST
tax dollars to complement and support of the city funded infrastructure investment coming from voter approved initiatives such as the street bond that we all i think worked on. working in tandem with mta to deliver pedestrian safety, traffic calming and other improvements faster and more efficiently and very fair and process to select our executive director. i believe that commissioner avalos will be able to handily take the wheel and help us usher and addresses key issues that i've outlined today. thank you. >> thank you commissioner, before i turn to commissioner wiener, i want to ask if there is any other member of the public who like to say something else on this item? public comment on this is closed. commissioner wiener. >>i'm happy to support commissioner avalos as chair. sometimes something to get lost in the debates is that even though we have areas of disagreement but often get a lot of attention, a lot of press coverage because anytime you have a big dispute at city hall that is likely to get the attention, in reality when it comes to transportation policy in the city
Jan 28, 2013 1:30pm PST
in their homes. on the federal level congress has passed a number of laws reducing the tax burden on homeowners facing foreclosure, expanding home ownership counseling, expanding the the federal housing administration to play a larger role for those at risk of foreclosure. obama signed the home affordable refinance program in 2010. locally we've done many things. in january 2008, this board of supervisors established a san francisco fair lending working group, with its number one policy recommendation of whenever possible, home ownership should be preserved and foreclosure prevented. this promotes family stability in our neighborhoods and community. second of all, the goal of this legislation was to provide security for tenants in t.i.c. buildings. supervisor wiener as coauthor want to ensure that tenants in t.i.c. buildings which might take advantage of this legislation will be presented. we wanted to provide the greatest security possible for existing tenants to be secure in their units and our legislation has done exactly that. let me specifically address this to many of the people in the ha
Jan 28, 2013 12:00pm PST
of a bookkeeping system. and they will figure out the payroll taxes and everything. but then the parent of child becomes the employer and they do the hiring and firing process . i think that if a person is a little bit educated, they can find answers on how to do this. but i think it's a problem for some parents, because first of all, they have to take care of the special needs child, the adult whatever. there is a language barrier. some are from a totally different country. back in the '80s, it used to be if you had a respite worker, there was an agency that did all of the payroll and everything, and then they would just pay the worker. and then later on, they pushed it onto the parents and the parents had to do this. but not everybody is going to understand that whole accounting process. so i think this needs to be addressed. >> thank you harriet. any other council member who wishes to make a comment? >> to item no. 8. information item, report from the disability disaster preparedness committee. and denise will read that report. >> thank you, chip. the disability disaster preparedness commi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)